US Grand Prix: the information you need to find out to appreciate tournaments

The racing tournaments US Grand Prix are representing the stage in the F1 motorsport calendar. The competitions held in the United States have a deep history starting in 1908 and were called the American Grand Prize. Grand Prix organized in the USA soon took its place in the F1 schedule which was a real success. By the last year, 2018, the gp in the US was organized 48 times at 10 different tracks. The Circuit of the Americas in Texas is a regular racing track for F1 Grand Prix in the United States since 2012.

The American Grand Prix History

The 1st Grand Prix in the United States was organized in 1908 and from 1910 till 1916 was organized six times more. In 1959, the American GP was included as the part of the F1 calendar. Most of the tournaments in the United States were held at Watkins Glen track. F1 USA GP is considered to be among the showiest and impressive racing tournaments. This event is the only American representative in F1 competitions since 1989.

The Format of Grand Prix Held in the United States

The American GP represents three sessions including practice, qualification, and racing. Grand Prix organized in the United States lasts for three days in autumn. In 2019, the USA GP is held according to this schedule: November, 1 – November, 3.

General Features of the American Grand Prix F1

In 2019, the whole show will be held at the Circuit of the Americas in Texas. The American F1 Grand Prix tournaments will last for three days in November (1-3). Among the teams participating in the US GP are:

  • Mercedes;
  • Ferrari;
  • Haas;
  • Red Bull;
  • Toro Rosso;
  • Williams;
  • Renault;
  • McLaren.

Tickets for the American F1 GP

Tournaments provided by the United States Grand Prix are always filled with the impressive show. People who love everything about F1 and want to support their favorite team may buy tickets to the American competitions and get the best experience ever. You’ll definitely like the show at Circuit of the Americas in Texas, the United States.

Betting Options at Grand Prix Organized in the United States

Betting is also a favorite option of people who really appreciate the American racing tournament Grand Prix. A fan may choose his favorite GP team or select according to the estimations and make a bet. Tournament held in the United States always bring impressive sums to the luckiest ones.

The General Information About the American GP

Grand Prix organized in the United States is included in the list of F1 tournaments. The American racing competitions history started in 1908 and is a part of Formula 1 since 1950th. GP held in the USA is stated to be one of the most impressive motorsport tournaments.


  • What is the US Grand Prix?

It’s the racing tournament in the United States featuring the part of the F1 Championship.

  • What’s the tournaments’ calendar for 2019?

In 2019, the American F1 racing competitions are held on November, 1 – November, 3.

  • Can I make a bet on some team?

Of course! You can bet on any preferred racing team.

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