The game, mr bet is already infamous in the USA for its increasing popularity amongst new players. The game is fairly new compared to other leading international online casino games. This offers both options for free play & playing for real money. Read the following information carefully if you want €1500 as a welcome bonus.

Mr Bet Expert Overview

The casino is constantly trying to surprise their customers with a massive selection of different slot machines and other interesting games that are commonly found in offline institutions. The game definitely provides a good time & you get a real chance to win. The game was first introduced in 2017. The functionality of the game is based on a license issued by an authoritarian organization and cooperates with the best software providers. From the beginning, the game contains over 1000 titles and is annually updated with the casino's new slot and video games. This is a famous site that attracts new users every day with large bonuses and with 24/7 customer assistance.

To play the games smoothly, the website offers both easy and practical instructions. Hidden in the bottom right-hand corner of the website is a menu for you wishing to change the language to one of the three lingoes it is available in, which is Swedish, Norwegian, and English. Indeed a conscious effort in welcoming all players who might be eloquent in different languages. It certainly opens up the platform to a bigger pool range of players and those who wish to play on-site will be happy knowing that they can understand everything written there.

The game is also available for people who like to play online casinos on the go via their mobile devices, tablet, or Android devices. The creators of mr bet, have opened their doors to people who like to play on the go. Through this system, the website will automatically re-skins itself to make it consistent.

Bonus Types

To fully set your mood for gaming rounds, the game provides a hefty amount of bonus to the new players. You can claim a welcome bonus that will blow your mind and simply sends a shockwave to its competitors as well. It generally works out as a whopping 400% bonus which is worth up to an amount of €1500. As unreal as it sounds, while you are up for it, it'll be just the beginning. Without a doubt, this huge amount lasts for a long time which you can use for future rounds or withdraw it any day you want.

However, there is a little glitch to claim this bonus. It does not offer a value of €1500 to the players up for free spins. In order to receive such a huge amount, you must make a small deposit to their account. For free plays, there will be nothing but free spins available for the next rounds.

Other than that each player with a legit registered account has the right to each bonus they attain. This surely works as a booster to encourage players to invest more and play a little to earn a huge. Also, if a player wishes to activate three gifts at once, they can easily get €1000 and a whole package of 250 spins to play NetEnt slots. You can find the bonuses and promotions only at the actual mr bet casino special section. So, do not forget to often check for new offers and promotions.

Loyalty Program

On the website, each player gets points for every 50 Euro they bet in slots and 100 Euro for poker and blackjack. The Internal currency of the casino works as a special point which can be later changed into actual Euro. In this case, the buyback rate completely depends on the player's VIP status.

However, we think it is necessary to mention cashback possibilities. This casino enlists its customers a moderately profitable cashback. It is accessible if the balance is less than 0.3 Euro. And the conditions applicable are:

  • Verified email address
  • The player must not have unredeemed bonuses
  • Negative balance since the prior cashback

To receive this bonus, you must visit your personal account and choose the item called Get a refund there. Hence, the entire cashback amount will be evaluated using a special formula.

Why Is This Game Better?

For a game that was launched in 2017, this game easily makes a better impression than the other new games available on the web. One of the significant factors is the prospect of a free game. A gambler who has registered is given bonuses and can fiddle using virtual money. This makes a great impact because there isn't any risk of losing money. But after some time when you have developed the winning schemes for yourself, you can easily switch to a game for real money with mr bet casino.

Also, no mandatory rule of this top-rated online casino is the fact that everyone can play, from wherever he or she is. Whether you are relaxing in nature, attending your favorite salon, or a boring event, at any time you have the vacancy to find yourself in the gaming room.

And finally, there is the availability of an enormous number of various slots, which is rare for other contemporary games. With a virtual institution like this, the dream of winning huge bets is finally happening, and without much effort. So, if you are a learner, who is looking for the best online casino, mr bet offers to be your best start.


For players of each category, playing for this gambling house provides nothing but a delightful experience. We hope you will be joining the game soon. After all, losing the chance to win 1500 Euro will a stupid decision if you are a true gambler!